The Neurodivergent

ADHD and Autism Therapeutic Coaching

Embracing difference and diversity

ADHD Autism counsellor

ADHD & Autism Therapeutic Coaching

Embracing difference
& diversity


About Me

• Michelle Blake
• lived experience of neurodivergence – AuDHD
• part of a neurodivergent family (ADHD, ASC, Dyslexia)


• Person Centred Counsellor
• Existential Coach
• Clinical Supervisor
• PG Cert Autism and Learning
• PG Cert ADHD and Neurodevelopmental Conditions



What I can offer you

• A safe, non-judgemental, empathic and supportive space
• A combination of person centred counselling and existential coaching
• My lived experience of being both Autistic and ADHD
• Extensive knowledge and professional experience
• Online or in-person sessions

All sessions are

• Neurodivergence Informed - More Information
• Trauma Informed – More Information

Who I work with

• Neurodivergent individuals including self-diagnosed and pre/post diagnosis
• Family members, parents, carers, siblings of these individuals
• Anyone exploring the possibility of being neurodivergent
• Schools, colleges, universities
• Organisations

See Me In Conversation

See Me In Conversation


Initial Consultation Sessions

Why do I offer an Initial Consultation Session?

The first time I meet with someone, it is typically for a 30 minute initial consultation (you also have the option to schedule a full paid session if you prefer). I offer the initial consultation to all potential clients because I believe that it is important for you to experience what it would be like to be in conversation with me and to decide if you feel the way in which I work is a good fit for you. The right coach is essential to your journey as a client and it’s important for you to enter your intital consultation remembering that you have the right to choose.

Why is it important that I choose the right coach?

The initial consultation session also provides you with the opportunity to ask me questions, learn about my services, and for us to talk about contracting. You can then use this knowledge to decide if you think I am the right therapist for you and your situation before you answer questions about why you are seeking support. If you choose to work with me then our first session together will be used to explore how the way in which any current difficulties are impacting your life and identifying what you hope during our work together.

What are the other benefits to an Initial Consultation?

There are many benefits to the initial consultation. Evidence has shown that the therapeutic relationship is the most healing and effective aspect of therapy, which means finding the right therapist is critical to a successful therapeutic outcome. I also like that the initial consultation provides us the opportunity to meet and determine fit with limited financial obligation and no contract. I believe that this frees you, as the potential client, of any feelings of obligation to follow through with therapy because you have already made an investment – even if it’s not the right fit.

Making sure you get the right support from the right person because you are worth it

The initial consultation is also an opportunity for me to decide as the therapist if I am the right fit for you – meaning do I feel I have the knowledge and experience to support you? If not, I will do my best to signpost you with someone who can.

Some questions you can ask yourself

It may be worth asking yourself these questions when considering your experience with any therapist that you are considering working with.

   Do I feel safe and comfortable in the therapist’s office space and presence?
   Although it takes time to build trust within a therapeutic relationship do I feel like there is the potential to talk to him/her about the issues and/or problems for which I am seeking support?
   Is the therapist available during the days/times I wish to meet?
   If you are looking for a particular type of therapy or specialty – does he/she offer it?
   Can I afford the therapist’s fee?

Beginning the therapeutic process mindfully and with the knowledge that you chose the right therapist for you is a great first step towards living the life you want to live.

Fees & Cancellation

My fees are as follows:

£80 per hour session for individuals or 1 parent + 1 child

£100 per hour session for couples

£75.00 per hour for students via SAAS funding (Disabled Student Allowance)

£90 per hour for Access to work sessions (www.access to

All fees are payable within 48 hours

Full payment will be required for any sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before the session is due to begin. If you are unable to make your session due to unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, then please contact me as I am happy to discuss cancellation charges for these circumstances


Michelle Blake

The Neurodivergent Counsellor,
Aberdeenshire AB51 0DB

07368 594 384